RENL is a leading agro allied company engaged in the normal farming system which includes land preparation for planting, maintenance, harvesting, processing, and export of natural rubber.

At present, SIPH a member of SIFCA Group (ivorian base agro-business conglomerate) holds 70.32% of the shares of the company while the other 29.68% is held by the government of Ondo, Edo, Delta, and Ogun States,

RENL presently occupies about 18,949.19 ha hectares of land out of which about 15,570 ha hectares of planted rubber trees. Field and factory production as of September 2023 stands at 14900.924 tons dry KG (field) and 17,096 tons (factory) respectively with a staff strength of about 2,406 aside indirect workers. The company is expanding its operations in Nigeria by acquiring more land under lease agreement to plant rubber trees to boost production of raw materials to feed its processing 30,000 tons per year capacity factory located in Araromi-Obu, Ondo State.

The company presently conducts its operations in seven locations in Nigeria, namely, osse river plantations (Osse river, Iguobazuwa and Urhonigbe plantations) in Edo State, Araromi plantation in Ondo State, Waterside and Adeola plantations in Ogun State and Utagba-uno plantation in Delta State.

As part of its expansion program, the Company recently completed the development of 2,129 hectares of Rubber plantation in Adeola Leasehold, Ogun State while the development of Urhonigbe Rubber Plantation in Edo State which was concessioned to RENL by the Edo State Government is still ongoing.

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Osse River Rubber Estates Ovia South West LGA PO Box 981 Benin City Edo State of Nigeria
Tel.: +234 806 337 67 18

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