2023 nesra visite renl

Officers of the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) have paid a working visit to the industrial premises of Rubber Estates Nigeria Limited, in Osse River and Adeola sites respectively.

The visit to Osse on the 5th of April and Adeola on the 22nd of May according to the team leader was to ascertain the level of compliance of RENL’s activities and its impact to the environment, as well as ensure that these daily activities do not create negative impact on the environment.

Speaking during the visit, the team leader, Aaron applauded the management of Rubber Estate Nigeria Limited for carrying out its environmental audit for the year and for obtaining a proper waste collection point that enables all the generated waste and toxic substances to be disposed properly. He also applauded staffs and occupants of various camps in the site for their compliance to the company’s environmental rules and regulations which he said is a great achievement.  While acknowledging the company’s preservation of biodiversity and the mitigation of negative impact of daily activities in the workshop area, the NESRA team leader maintained that RENL has shown a very impressive commitment to environmental commitment which he said deserves accolade.

He therefore urged the company to sustain the standard and if possible, improve on it for the overall good of its business.  

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