2023 renl holds its best workers

On Thursday 14th November 2023, RENL management holds its annual best workers’ award ceremony to honor and acknowledge the dedication and exceptional contributions of its employees to the growth of the company. The event took place at the Osse River social hall which saw the attendance of the Managing Director of the Company, Olivier Odoukou, the Deputy Human Resource Manager Smart Okhions, Divisional Managers, awardees from all sites of the company among others.

In his opening remarks, the Managing Director Olivier Odoukou congratulated all awardees and noted that the best workers’ award ceremony is a very special occasion because the company through it promotes excellence. He stated that management has increased the number of motorbikes and other gifts to show the company’s appreciation to best staff as others should try to emulate the good examples and continue to push RENL in the right direction. He also urged the awardees with motorbikes to follow all safety procedures as the company wants them to enjoy the motorbike with their families in good health.

On his part, the Deputy Human Resource Manager, Smart Okhions noted that the best workers’ award ceremony is not about the years that a staff has spent in serving the company, but it is based on the exceptional discharge of duty and one’s commitment to his/her job that qualifies the person for the award. He therefore urged all staff to work diligently if they hope to be among the next awardees.

In response, the awardees appreciated the Managing Director Olivier Odoukou and his management team for recognizing and celebrating them. They also promised that they will do their best to ensure that Rubber Estates Nigeria Limited becomes one of the best companies in Nigeria.

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